The Nicholson Project

With this series, I presented two areas of the city: Columbia Hieghts and Mount Pleasant, which have managed to remain culturally diverse. If you were to visit these communities, you’d see new condos and eateries. But you, would also find street vendors, musicians, colorful nurals and dozens of small businesses that cater to the various nationalities that make up the area. My aim was to show as much of the culture that ahs retained roots in the District and document the constant march towards the future that many residents face. 

Below is a selection of photos from this exhibit.

Industrial Bank of Washington

Industrial Bank of Washington showcased selections of my portrait photography. The images were displayed in the window of their location at 1800 Martin Luther King Jr Ave SE in Washington, DC

City Under Seize

OPENING: June 17, 2017
GALLERY: Vivid Solutions Gallery. 1231 Good Hope Road SE, WDC
In his first ever solo exhibition, Brown shares a selection of images he’s captured over the past 2 years document the lives of individuals who are often overlooked as the city evolves For More Information, check out Anacostia Arts Center.

Below is a selection of photos from this exhibit.

Features & Notables

This Past Was Waiting For Me Coding

Sarah Trembath hand-selected some of Vince Brown’s photography to be featured in her first book, This Past Was Waiting For Me, published in 2018. Sarah’s second book, The Scarlet that Did It, is due out in 2019.  Click on photo to purchase.

Thaylobleu’s Oscars & Jellyfish

I had the pleasure of shooting the band Thaylobleu (incredible musicians, check out their music!). One of the many images I captured of them was featured in the inside jacket of their CD titled Oscars & Jellyfish. For more information and to purchase their CD, click on the image. You won’t be disappointed!

Better Will Come

Headshots for the Author that appeared in the back on the book. A great read. Click on the images to get a copy today!  

Award Winner 

Heashots for the Author Alcaly Lo received an Award of Excellence in the 37th Annual Photography Contest at the Photographer's Forum magazine.

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