Minister of DC House Music

To most people, Sam Burns was either The Man or The Godfather of (DC) House Music. He disliked both of those names, since they each implied greatness or importance. Sam was undeniably a great DJ but he didn’t carry himself that way. He was surprisingly humble and very approachable given his larger than life persona and his recognition in the world of dance music. He was respected around the world and built a loyal fan base in his home city.

Many of those fans gathered each Sunday night for what Sam called the Underground Soul Solution. It was actually a church service held in the evening rather than Sunday morning. Sam was the minister, uplifting his congregation each Sunday with music meant to free mind body and soul. His relationship with dancers was both personal and communal, inspiring many a night of synergy between dj and crowd. Those fortunate to be there when the entire room filled with warm positive energy can testify to the power of Sam Burns, the Minister of DC House Music.

The Video below was shared on many media outlets. This was one of my very first videos I ever produced. 

Music Is My Life


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